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Forget Me Not®

Empower Your Staff with a Cutting-Edge Learning Platform: Engaging, Effective, and Tailored for Aged Care Professionals

Deploy Learning Series’ & Pathways
Design and Manage Learning Series
Design and manage custom learning modules, or 'Series', to meet your organisation's unique training needs. Enrol staff into these Series easily, aligning each module with specific roles, learning objectives, and compliance requirements. These Series are more than just courses; they are building blocks of a comprehensive learning strategy.

Develop Learning Pathways
Go a step further with Pathways. Create sequences of Series, forming pathways that guide learners through a structured progression of topics and skills. When enrolled in a pathway, learners systematically advance through the designated Series, enhancing their expertise in a logical, cohesive manner. This structured approach not only facilitates in-depth learning but also ensures that your team comprehensively covers all necessary areas of aged care training, from basic principles to advanced practices.
Group Management
Organise learners into groups for more streamlined management and allowing for a more streamlined categorisation of leaners, making it simpler to track progress and deliver targeted content to specific teams or departments.
Resource Library Management
Build and maintain a rich library of learning resources. Create and curate collections, set access privileges, and provide your staff with the necessary materials for both organisational and to attach to your questions, all within a centralised, easy-to-navigate space.
Insights and Metrics
Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your Series and overall learning strategies. Our platform provides detailed metrics and analytics, helping you understand learner progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.
Question Studio
Create personalised learning experiences: With our intuitive question builder, admins have the power to create custom Series and questions allowing for the tailoring of content to meet specific learning objectives, ensuring your training is as relevant and impactful as possible.

Multiple Choice Questions

Craft dynamic multiple-choice questions to challenge and engage learners. Whether it’s a single solution or a combination of answers, each question you create sharpens understanding and caters to diverse learning styles.

Media Integration

Bring questions to life with multimedia enhancements. Incorporate images, videos, and audio to transform the learning experience, making it richer, more interactive, and far more engaging.

Varied Feedback Options

Adapt feedback to each learner’s journey. Offer diverse responses based on their attempts, providing personalised support that guides, informs, and encourages at every step keeping the engagement high and relevant.

Resource Library Integration

Connect questions directly to your wealth of resources. This seamless link enriches learning moments with immediate access to additional materials, deepening comprehension and contextual understanding.

Question Previewer

see exactly how your crafted questions will appear in the learners' chat interface. Experience your content through the eyes of your learners, ensuring every question fits perfectly within the conversational flow. It's about crafting not just questions, but engaging learning experiences that resonate on every device.

“AnglicareSA have worked with Obvious Choice for many years, and personally I have worked with them across different industries. James Stack and his team are the elite professionals in the Learning and Development contemporary learning space. They offer tailored, value add solutions and are always across best practice. Their research into how individuals and teams learn is quite ground-breaking, and they offer practical options based on this research and their experience”.
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Aged Care Training That Drives Change
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