Discover Forget Me Not®

Pioneers in Transformative Workplace Learning. Part of the Obvious Choice family, Forget Me Not® stands at the forefront of revolutionising workplace education in Australia. Our journey is rooted in a deep commitment to enhancing the quality of learning experiences, driven by innovative technology and cutting-edge design.

Our Legacy and Expertise
Backed by Obvious Choice's legacy of impactful learning solutions, Forget Me Not® represents the pinnacle of our dedication to transforming how Australians learn at work. Our team, renowned for its expertise in learning design, has been instrumental in shaping a new era of workplace education.
Vision and Mission
Our mission is clear: to redefine the landscape of workplace learning through our microlearning and spaced repetition platform, Forget Me Not®. We envision a world where continuous learning culture thrives, surpassing the limitations of traditional online and classroom training.
Empowering Thousands of Learners Across Leading Organisations
Technology and Innovation
Embracing technology as a catalyst, Forget Me Not® is the result of seven years of research and development in workplace learning. Trusted by leading Australian organisations, it transforms employee training with its intuitive design and technological prowess. Rooted in proven learning theories, our platform ensures that every feature contributes to effective, impactful learning experiences.
Custom Learning Solutions by Expert Designers
Expertly Crafted Learning, Tailored for Your Needs
Beyond a leading learning platform, Forget Me Not® excels in bespoke learning design. Our award-winning team specialises in creating custom learning series tailored to the unique challenges and objectives of your organisation. We collaborate closely to understand your specific needs, crafting engaging and effective learning experiences that drive performance and business outcomes. Whether it's enhancing skill sets, ensuring compliance, or addressing specific training challenges, our custom series are designed to deliver. Choose Forget Me Not® for learning solutions as unique as your business, underpinned by innovation and proven methodologies.
Awards and Recognition
Forget Me Not has been honoured with the Best People and Culture platform at the Future of Ageing awards and recognised for the Best use of technology for learning by the Australian Institute of Training and Development. These accolades reflect our commitment to an innovative, evidence-based approach, particularly in building dementia care capability using our unique microlearning method.
Aged Care Training That Drives Change
Talk to our team today to learn how Forget Me Not® and our library of aged care microlearning can improve the way you train staff. Using Forget Me Not® you can continuously upskill staff ensuring higher quality care and safety for older Australians.