Aged Care Training That Drives Change

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Revolutionising Staff Development in Aged Care
Introduce your staff to a learning revolution tailored for the aged care industry. Forget Me Not® offers a unique, engaging platform that reshapes how knowledge is acquired, making learning not only more effective but also more enjoyable for your team.
Conversational Learning Interface
Engaging, Intuitive Learning: Our chat-like interface mimics a natural conversation, making learning more relatable and less intimidating. This innovative approach ensures your staff can absorb and retain information more effectively, transforming their development experience. Our useful assistant is there along the whole journey not only informing learners of what questions they have available but also other useful information along the way to truely transform the learning experience
Mobile and Web-Based Apps
Flexible Learning Options: With both mobile and web-based applications, Forget Me Not® accommodates various learning preferences. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, your team has continuous access to quality learning resources, integrating seamlessly into their daily routines.
5 Minutes a Day
Efficient Learning, Profound Impact: Our microlearning model requires just 5 minutes a day, making it feasible for even the busiest schedules. This efficient approach maximises time and boosts knowledge acquisition without overwhelming your staff.
Knowledge Retention and The Forgetting Curve
Knowledge Retention and The Forgetting Curve
Imagine investing time and resources in training, only to have your staff forget up to 70% of what they learned within just 24 hours. This is the reality of the 'Forgetting Curve,' a well-documented phenomenon showing how quickly learned information fades from memory if not reinforced.

Forget Me Not® confronts this challenge head-on. Our platform is engineered using spaced repetition and conversational learning – methods scientifically proven to counteract the forgetting curve. By revisiting key concepts at optimal intervals, we ensure that knowledge not only sticks but becomes second nature. This approach dramatically improves retention rates, making your training investment truly count.

The cost of forgotten training can be more than just financial. It can impact the quality of care and compliance standards. With Forget Me Not®, you can turn this around, ensuring that every learning moment is captured, retained, and applied, safeguarding your staff's proficiency and your organisation's reputation.
Peer Learning
Enhanced Learning Through Peer Interaction
Unlock the full potential of collaborative learning with Forget Me Not’s® innovative peer learning. Available within each learning series, this interactive space allows learners to directly engage with expert peers, adding a dynamic dimension to their journey.

Whether it’s seeking clarity on complex topics, asking specific questions, or delving deeper into subjects, our peer learning environment fosters a rich exchange of ideas and knowledge. Learners can communicate through messages, voice notes, and even share images, facilitating a multifaceted learning dialogue. This real-time interaction with expert peers not only enhances understanding but also provides personalised support and guidance, vital in the ever-evolving field of aged care.
Resource Library
Extensive Learning Resources
The resource library provides your staff with immediate access to all necessary and provided organisational materials and as well as additional learning aids that are unlocked as extra learning material provided throughout their learning journey. This repository is a valuable tool for continuous reference and growth.
“AnglicareSA have worked with Obvious Choice for many years, and personally I have worked with them across different industries. James Stack and his team are the elite professionals in the Learning and Development contemporary learning space. They offer tailored, value add solutions and are always across best practice. Their research into how individuals and teams learn is quite ground-breaking, and they offer practical options based on this research and their experience”.
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Develop a Culture of Learning
Continuously upskill your team of aged care workers in less 5 minutes per day to ensure higher quality care and safety for older Australians. Each day care workers get a few minutes of practice to keep building their skills.
Learning Resources
Create a library of resources for your learners to better facilitate learning and be able to reference back to at a later time.
Engaging Chat Based Learning
Learners benefit from conversational learning through constructive feedback based on individual selections
Insights & Reporting
Detailed visual dashboards track learners’ performance and identify where they need assistance
Scientific Learning Methodologies
The platform's use of spaced repetition along with microlearning ensures long-term information retention
Access a Pre-Built Library of Series
Utilise pre-built content created by learning designers for rapid deployment to meet immediate training priorities
Build Content With Question Studio
Formulate your questions, attach relevant learning resources, and provide insightful feedback based on responses. Elevate your learners' experience to a new level
Aged Care Training That Drives Change
Talk to our team today to learn how Forget Me Not® and our library of aged care microlearning can improve the way you train staff. Using Forget Me Not® you can continuously upskill staff ensuring higher quality care and safety for older Australians.