Microlearning for Emergency Services

Help everyone on the frontline stay safe.



Entrapment or burnover is a life threatening situation. You need to know how to respond to this threat. What signal tells you an entrapment or burnover is imminent?

emergency-services-Driving emergency vehicles

Driving Emergency Vehicles

An emergency vehicle is displaying blue or red flashing lights and sounding an alarm on its way toward a car crash situation. Is this emergency vehicle on the way to a Code 1 or Code 3 incident? 


Tree Hazard Awareness

Killer trees are one of the biggest risks to fire fighters. Trees and branches can fall at any time, harming or even killing firefighters. What should you do if you spot an unmarked tree on the fireground that you believe is a Killer tree?


Knowledge retention for Aged Care

Ensure critical job role knowledge retention to deliver safe, quality care.


Aged Care Standard 1:
Consumer dignity & choice

Yin is a resident in her mid-70s with good mental and physical capacity. You have just put Yin’s dirty sheets, clothes and throw blanket in the laundry trolley. Yin asks if she can hang on to her throw blanket, a gift from her late husband. But it’s dirty and smells. What do you do?


Aged Care Standard 2:
Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers

Tony can spend hours sitting watching footy.  He loves the beer and chocolate his family brings him. But this makes his diabetes and weight issues harder to manage. His pressure sores are also getting worse. What do you do? 


Aged Care Standard 3:
Personal care and clinical care

Bill has progressing dementia, is incontinent and is putting on weight. Recently his balance  has declined a little, but he can still walk around OK. He needs some effective risk management. What do you do? 


Aged Care Standard 4:
Services and supports for daily living

Afreen is Muslim and prays five times a day in his room, as required by his faith. Lately you’ve noticed he’s starting to struggle a little with laying out his prayer rug and kneeling face down to pray. What do you do? 


Aged Care Standard 5:
Organisation’s service environment

Tony’s having trouble turning his TV on and changing channels. He knows what buttons to press and everything seems to be working OK when you check it. So it’s a bit of a mystery. What do you do? 


Aged Care Standard 6:
Feedback and complaints

Glenda has a visit from a friend. On the way out her visitor stops to complain. She is upset, telling you residents are stealing from Glenda. Glenda's visitor is deeply concerned about a man who comes into her room at night when she’s sleeping. What do you do? 


Banking and Financial Services

A more human centred approach to compliance learning.


Responsible Lending

Launching 1 July 2020.  


Banking Code of Practice

Launching 1 July 2020. 

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