How it works

Forget Me Not makes it simple to setup and run your microlearning and spaced repetition campaigns.

Data insights are real time and visual, revealing when individuals or teams are struggling, or when they’ve mastered knowledge.


Choose a campaign type

Choose an 8 or 12-week campaign, depending on how much knowledge you need to share!



Write questions

Send us your content including any images, video or audio you want in the feedback and we’ll write brilliant questions and feedback.


Sample Questions




Invite others

Email staff the magic link. Then one click and they’re enrolled and learning!



Monitor campaign

Your success is our success, so each week during the campaign our success manager will spend 30 minutes helping you drive your campaign to success. Our help desk is also available if you need it.



Celebrate success!

Bask in the glory and enjoy your invite to cruise with your CEO on their super yacht. You’ve earned it!



And for the learner, the experience is as simple as:

  1. receiving text messages
  2. selecting responses
  3. getting immediate feedback
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These questions feel like a chat on your mobile. The app gives you progress updates, nudges if you fall behind, and recognition when you do well. It’s like having your very own memory coach, that adapts to your personal needs and knowledge gaps.


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